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Research group in Theoretical Physics

 Gruppo di ricerca di Fisica Teorica delle Interazioni Fondamentali

The interests and the research areas of the group are:
i) Phenomenology of Elementary Particles;
ii) Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics;
iii) Supergravity, String Theory, Field Theory;
iv) Higher Spins.

The group is composed of faculty, visitors, post-doc and graduate students.
We work in close connection with the Astrophysics group of the SNS and with the theoretical physics group of the INFN Section in Pisa.

Our external financial sources are:

  1. INFN, projects PI21, PD51 and TV12;
  2. EU, contracts EU ITN "Unification in the LHC Era", contract PITN-GA-2009- 237920 (UNILHC)
  3. ERC Grant n. (SUPERFIELDS), P.I. S. Ferrara (CERN), Scientist in Charge of the INFN portion A. Sagnotti
  4. MIUR-PRIN - 2008XM9HLM_001 (Coord. Naz Riccardo Barbieri)
  5. MIUR-PRIN 2009-KHZKRX  (Coord. Naz. A. Sagnotti).

Our group organizes every year in Pisa a series of seminars devoted to several aspects of the Fundamental Interactions, partly funded by INFN, which includes a topical week.

Research activities

  1. Model Building and Phenomenology of Particle Physics
    The conception and the study of theoretical models for electroweak symmetry breaking, with particular attention to the so called “small hierarchy" problem, i.e. to the apparent separation existing between the Higgs mass and the lowest energy scale at which the SM can be modified, as indirectly suggested by the precision electroweak physics tests.
    The study and the development of both hadronic and leptonic flavour models, in the framework of grand unified theories and/or horizontal symmetries, by paying also attention to the geometric approach to the flavour problem in theories with extra space dimensions.
    The study of new mechanisms of supersymmetry breaking in the context of supergravity theories in extra dimensions and the exploration of their phenomenological implications.
  2. Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
    The study of the connection between various extensions of the Standard Model of particle interactions and the current cosmological model.
  3. Supergravity, String Theory, Field theory
    The study of "brane-world'' models, perturbative string theory including string mechanisms of supersymmetry breaking, quantum gravity, selected non-perturbative aspects of field theory and Higher-spin Gauge Theory. This program will be conducted by Massimo Porrati under the project 5097 48 'SAG@SNS', “Strings and Gravity at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa”, by Augusto Sagnotti and by Franco Strocchi.