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Research group on Virgilian manuscripts (9th-11th century)

manoscritti virgiliani

The group's main research interest concerns the medieval transmission of Virgil's Opera, with a focus on Carolingian and Beneventan manuscripts.

We are currently developing a website, Manuscripta Vergiliana, dedicated to the exemplars of Virgil's works copied between the 9th and the 11th century: the website will provide access to a full collation of Carolingian and Beneventan manuscripts and allow database searching for all the works of Virgil.

Text and apparatus of the Georgics are already available.

A specific introduction will be provided for each manuscript examined: this will contain a presentation of the relevant material features, a survey of its content and a description of its value as a witness to the text; photographic records will be provided where available.

The website already offers a critical overview on Virgil’s manuscript tradition from the Antiquity to the Renaissance, with an outline of some new perspectives of study.

The research group is also interested in investigating some issues of textual reception: an integral transcription of the glosses to Virgil's Eclogues annotated in a set of Carolingian manuscripts is now being prepared.

We take part in lectures and seminars of the Latin Palaeography class at Scuola Normale Superiore, as well as conferences and research activities concerned with the on-line edition of classical works and the study of Carolingian glosses on ancient texts.

Since Manuscripta Virgiliana is currently under construction, the access is temporarily limited: to obtain username and password, please contact the research group.