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Research group in Dynamical Systems

Holomorphic dynamics in one and several complex variables, small divisor problems, continued fractions, measured foliations.

Our Research Team has an expertise in  dynamical systems "at large" i.e. generally a group acting on a phase space.  Each one of us contributes to the team by adding his (hopefully deep) knowledge of a more  specific branch. 
In particular, we are interested in
  • cohomological equations, in  particular arithmetical and geometrical conditions  related to (generalized)  interval exchange maps.
  • computational aspects of transfer operator approximations  both per se and as applications to  counting functions
  • holomorphic dynamics in one and several complex variables, focusing on  behaviour near non-hyperbolic fixed point.
  • invariant manifolds and quasi-periodic flows in Hamiltonian and  non Hamiltonian systems in finite and infinite dimension, with applications  to celestial mechanics and weak KAM theory.
  • statistical properties  through spectral theory, both in parabolic and hyperbolic cases.
Activities: We run a weekly seminar on dynamical systems, which has been running for the last ten years, with the help of Centro di Ricerca  Matematica Ennio de Giorgi. We organize schools and workshops to support the growth of the dynamical system community. We are able to host Research in pair projects.

Due to the size and the number of our current research projects, if you want to know more follow the links to our team members and write to us!