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FIG Working Group - Florence Intersectionality and Gender Working Group

FIG Working Group - Florence Working Group on Intersectionality and Gender

FIG is a working group for those researching gendered phenomena in politics and society, as well as those curious about gender research. The group is interdisciplinary and welcomes scholars from all universities in and around Florence. Focusing on gender, the group also seeks to give ample space to exploring intersectionality, i.e. how gender is entangled with other forms of order, exploitation, power, identity, and distinction.

The group consists in regular open meetings in which participants present gender-related aspects of their research. Also, the group can alternate presentations with open discussions about previously agreed topics. To find out about upcoming meetings, join the mailing list by writing to  Meetings are held in English.

The group is meant to create occasions for academic exchange, solidary critique, and the deepening of knowledge about gender and gender studies. It is also intended as a place to reflect on the gendered dynamics of academia itself and foster collective strategies of overcoming the male bias of academic institutions. Depending on time and resources, the group organizes lectures, roundtables, and book presentations, as well as workshops connecting academic knowledge with that of practitioners and activists.

If you’re interested or have questions, get in touch!

Faculty of Political and Social Science
Scuola Normale Superiore
Palazzo Strozzi
Piazza degli Strozzi
50123 Firenze Italy